Suro was born in Georgia, in Tbilisi in 1952.

Already a year later the family moved to the capital of Armenia - Yerevan, where he spent his childhood and youth years .

Father, the chief Director of the Yerevan theatre of them. After Sundukyan, mother is a doctor.

Suren grew up in an atmosphere of love, admiration for the theater, music, painting. Up to nine years he learned to play the violin, then he entered the art school it. Коджаяна. At the end of the school Suren entered the Theatrical-art Institute in Yerevan.

After receiving the diploma of the artist arrives in Moscow in the hope of exhibit, join the Union of artists. Instead, he has lost 10 years of life: he served in the army, after the return of “shot angles” (there was nowhere to live), he worked on a speciality, in order to live. Engaged in graphics, as painting was nowhere. One day, after another “exile” with apartments, Suren met his future wife, who probably played a decisive role in his life. In his joy he works for 14-16 hours a day, stopping only then, to practice the dumbbells here, among the canvases and paints.

This modest joy of his substitute all the charm and the temptations of city life, which he is wary of so far, not even participating in the “get-togethers” of their colleagues, obligatory for the career of any artist.” (From the biography. Mkrtchyan. Author - artist Vitaly Wolff). The brightest and expressive canvases Suren Mkrtchyan for external restraint and balance hide the sadness and the unspoken anxiety of mind. Sometimes in the faces on the portraits guessed features not too attractive nature, yet it is these “cons” give the humanity.

Expressiveness of these works is based on the ability surprisingly sharp see in the person of men. Suro is the author of acrid, accurate, the exalted and the impact force, in my opinion, he has no equal. Marina Ошерова Member of the artists Union of Russia. Member of the Ministry of agriculture. In 1990, the Ministry of Culture passed training in France, at the youth center in Marly Le Roy. The constant participant of Republican and international (France, Germany, China) exhibitions.

SURO - painter and graphic artist.
1952 г. – born in Tbilisi
1961- 1971 г.г. – study in art Kodgayan's school, Yerevan;
1971 – 1977 г.г. – the art - theatrical Institute, Yerevan
1985 г. – admitted to the Moscow branch of the Union of artists
1993 г. – admitted to the international Federation of artists.


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